Monthly Archives: April 2008

Editor’s blog: Don’t look down

After almost a decade of wanton expansion it looks like belt-tightening time has come around. I suppose it was inevitable – a good thing cannot last for ever and the wheel has to turn – but, my god, slowdown is boring. Business is so much easier to conduct when people feel optimistic and just say yes. But now that we’re entering a time of caution, you get all that utterly unhealthy anxiety, indecision and paralysis. There’s no doubt that plenty of daft things happen when things turn down. Imaginations are dulled, great opportunities are missed and the wrong bits get the chop as crude cost-cutting mechanisms swing into action. Irrational exuberance is one thing but irrational negativity is another. Fear is much more contagious than greed.

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Editor’s blog: BBC gets an unfair kicking

Well, well, well – what a surprise. ‘The success of the BBC’s iPlayer is putting the internet under severe strain and threatening to bring the network to a halt, internet services providers are complaining,’ according to today’s Times. The Beeb says it believes iPlayer to be accounting for between 3 to 5 per cent of all web traffic in the UK; viewers are now watching more than 1 million BBC programmes online each week. Morons among the viewing public even ensured that the first episode of the Apprentice was watched more than 100,000 times on a computer. I’ve had a go on iPlayer and jolly good it is, too. Worth every penny of my licence fee.

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