Editor’s blog: I Don’t Know How I Do It, Part Three

Ok. I left you yesterday with the Kid safely in the hands of the professionals at his nursery. It’s a pretty cool, purpose-built and very right-on establishment. I saw from a wall display that they’d had a recent visit from Gordon Brown. Can’t think why The Kid didn’t mention it – maybe he just wasn’t that impressed. Toddler-filled nurseries are probably one of the few venues the PM can drop in on these days without being greeted by boos and hisses. Unless they all started flinging used nappies.

One thing I’m not concerned about is his food intake. At nursery they even have their own chef. On the way back from the sodden Boys’ Devon trip at the weekend we cheered ourselves by a lunchtime pit-stop at the Lamb in Hindon, Wilts. After the customary starter of an avocado, The Kid was eyeing-up my hors d’oeuvre of devilled whitebait. I let him have one and bingo, he was off. He then helped me demolish the roast sirloin with Yorkshire pudding plus apple crumble and vanilla ice cream. And he was still up for half a banana to top off.

Having a kid who eats everything – except tomatoes which bring him out in a florid rash – is a real pleasure. How he chews it all with only three teeth I can’t work out. Those boney gums are doing some serious overtime. His maternal grandmother has warned about the dangers of over-feeding but, hey, he’s hardly eating like Michael Phelps.

Still, on the subject of food, a touching sight greeted me on arrival at the nursery yesterday evening. A mother had arrived on her bicycle and her kid, who must have been at least three years old, marched up, knocked on her chest, and proceeded to plug himself into the breast before she’d even got her cycling helmet off. Some things a father just cannot provide.

Anyway, call me mad but things are going so swimmingly, I’m going to push the envelope and throw a dinner party this evening. Watch this space for tomorrow’s final instalment.

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