Editor’s blog: I Don’t Know How I Do It, Part Four

I have a confession. There was a point at about 4.45pm yesterday afternoon when I was on the verge on having to… make a list of Things To Do. What with the print version of MT going to bed this week (with my deputy in Tanzania on assignment), sorting out getting The Kid from nursery, sorting out The Kid (Original Version) aged 13 who has just returned from holiday, banging out this blog, shopping, washing, finding out why the blokes who have replaced the pavement outside our house seem to have pierced the main water supply… I tell you, one of those spinning plates got close to dropping.

At bedtime, however, I had a moment of genius. Post-bath is the one point during the day when The Kid’s co-operation levels falter: he wriggles and squeaks, writhes and jumps around and refuses to get into the nappy plus sleepsuit. Solution: get the bottle plugged in BEFORE kitting him up. Genius. Why did nobody ever think of that before?

So then I raced downstairs and did the dinner party for The Kid’s godfather and his wife, who were very polite about my spaghetti con aglio e olio (with a simple green salad) and even washed up afterwards.

This morning, as I brushed my teeth while making sure the Kid wasn’t pitching head-first into the lavatory bowl, I had a quick glance in the mirror and realised I was letting myself go. Nothing as gross as putting on yesterday’s socks or underpants, but I hadn’t changed my jeans for four days. My lovely Etro suits are a forgotten memory gathering moths in the closet. I’ve turned into a Slummy Daddy. There’s just no Me Time for the modern father.

Anyway The Wife called when she landed at Heathrow. Severe turbulence all the way over on the Red Eye. They were bouncing up onto the ceiling. Hope she likes the roses on the kitchen table. We might even get our supper cooked for us…

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Editor’s blog: I Don’t Know How I Do It, Part Four
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