Last night I went shopping with a pint of Stella!

By the time Hammy had been played with, Amelie was out of her Rainbows uniform and my wife had finished erecting a Playmobil fort for my son Oscar it was pushing on for 8.30pm. With Stephen Fry in the USA playing in the background, my wife and I decided to go shopping. Now there aren’t many shops open at that time of night in my home town of Weetabix (Burton Latimer), so of course we went online. For an hour we traded ideas about what we should get the kids for Christmas all in the comfort of our armchairs, on our own laptops while I enjoyed a nice cold Stella and my wife sipped a glass of red. I set up a wish list for Oscar on Amazon populated with Storm Hawks and Hot Wheels sets, though I intend to slip in a few Clone Wars toys on today (for my own parental pleasure).

We found a red guitar for a whopping £60, but then we found a similar one for £40. Scooters were duly investigated and my wife managed to find some for sale at £25 rather than the £50 being advertised on a trendy kids site. We also used a discount voucher (check out our new guidlelines) to get 20% off some wall hangers for Oscar’s new room.

Hoorah – we just won an MP3 player for £10 on Ebay – perfect for Oscar as he always nicks his sisters. We looked at Nanos but when you see how a 6 and 4 year old look after technology, spending £80 is a hard pill to swallow.

Email confirmation from Swim Shop told me that my dive sticks have been dispatched, followed by Hotel Chocolat who very kindly emailed me what I bought last year – dear god did I really buy that much chocolate?

When we finished shopping we decided to have some cheese and biscuits before retiring to bed excited that the next few days would bring us lovely parcels for our children’s Christmas.

I then woke up this morning to find an email from my wife containing a link to a rather nice pair of boots she’d like. When did she have time to send that?

So I bought them from the train travelling to London.

Don’t you just love the internet? Cheaper, easier, lazier, no pushers and comes with booze (responsibly of course!)

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    Absolutely ! The internet wins so hard at the moment with everyone penny pinching – A great time by the way to sell those unused gadgets and games – There is always someone that will want what you don’t!

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    So so true, if it weren’t for the Internet I’d have no food in the fridge, no car insurance and no Christmas presents for anyone!