10 reasons why i love entertainment blogs (or maybe 10 reasons why i should get out more)

I may have mentioned this before, but I’m a BIG fan of celebrity.In fact it’s pretty safe to say that I have very few other interests. That’s why the proliferation of entertainment and celebrity focused-blogs have been a godsend for me, and to be honest there’s very little else I look at online. Normally this is just for my own reading pleasure, however yesterday I saw a video on the Perez Hilton site (featuring the man himself) giving his take on the recent US Weekly exclusive surrounding the apparent elopement of Heidi Montag and SpencerPratt(both stars of US faux reality show ‘The Hills’). Perez pointed out that thanks to online, for the offline magazine world there is now nosuch thing as ‘breaking news’ and therefore the print versions of celebrity magazines are having a tougher time than ever to maintain their interest and provide their readers with new information. And now paid-for, exclusives,seemingly stagedstories –such as the Montag and Pratt affair – are the result. Such a thought-provoking video (for me, anyway!) made me realise what a massive impact such blogs have had on media (and marketing) in general. So, after giving it a bit more thought, I’ve found10 big reasons why I love entertainment blogs, such as the aforementioned Perez Hilton, Holy Moly, FilmDrunk, MrPaparazzi, Dlisted, Heatworld (the blogroll goes on…)

1 – Most obviously, they give people (anyone)a voice, and are an outlet for relatively unmodified opinion. More importantly, the best writers are the most successful.

2 – They have turned the media – and traditional media relations – on their head.Online PR is big business, and more and more big brands are realising that reaching consumers via theseblogs can be incredibly effective.

3 – They’re less driven by ‘moral panic’ in the way that today’s tabloids are. Credit crunch, anyone?

4 – The more popular authors are unashamedly open about the commercial nature of their sites. Look at Perez Hilton, or Holymoly.com and you’ll see whole page takeovers and sponsorships aplenty. The great thing about this is that these sites have already built up a band of faithful followers; by providing entertainment and inviting feedback they’ve gained the trust of their audiences. These audiences understand that the advertising is there for the bloggers to make money and carry on updating the site on a regular basis, and are therefore far more tolerant of the marketing messages. Advertising on these sites is often very relevant to the audiences, too. Heatworld.com, for example, ran a whole series of Cactus Kid videos (promoting the drinks brand Oasis) integrated within their main news feed, produced by outstanding agency Glue London.

5 – My own, personal, (pretty sad admittedly) research has found that visitors to these sites will notice –and comment on – advertising on community-focused celebrity blogs. On Holymoly.com for example, there will be one main display campaign running for a while, and community members will often reference these ads on forums etc. Obviously this can be in both a positive and negative way but hey, at least they get noticed!

6 – Thanks to marketing managers wising up to the power of the blogging community, you now get content-based exclusives aplenty. With sites like FilmDrunk.com, (an entertainment blog dedicated to – you guessed it – the film industry) visitors will often be rewarded with the first ten minutes of various films or exclusive trailers. Creative and media agencieswill now also engage with these sites for various promotions,something Quantum BLMdid for the Jack Black film ‘Be KindRewind’.

7 – Furthermore, it is evident that even the authors of these sites know they’re being used (to an extent) by PR and marketing professionals, but that’s fine because it pleases their readership and provides them with enough things to talk about. Phrases such as ‘x brand got in touch today, or x has sent me this’ are commonplace.

8 – Many of these sites appreciate the importance of a wider online presence. Most of my favouritesclearly understandhow effective it can be to extend your network beyondthe main site, with variousfacebook apps,MySpace pages etc.

9 – I’ve mentioned it before, but celebrity sites had amassive impact on the US elections,even though they aren’t positioned in a particularly serious way, and that can only be applauded. Such online communities will DEFINITELY have an impact on thenext UKGeneralElection, particularly with regard to motivating young people to vote.Indeed, sometimesit’s better tohave your key messages spread via an advocate(i.e. blogger) thanfor it to come straight from the horse’s mouth, whether social media is being employed or not.

10 – Lastly, the growth in entertainment blogs and such ‘fun’ social interaction online doesn’t just tell us how interested people are in celebrity, or film, or music. They also tell us about audiences. They show us what consumers (young people in particular) are into, what they talk about, what they like and what they don’t like, and the tone of voice they appreciate –and, of course, are a great way to reach them. And as a UK brand that, for me, would be the biggest reason why entertainment blogs are so significant.

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