Enabling customers to interact

Getting customers to respond to an ad isn’t easy, and getting them to interact can be even harder. Whatever your objectives, direct response or brand building,getting consumers toengage with your brand is vital.

For a DR campaign offline you might add a phone number, maybe a URL, for a brand campaign perhaps you’d add neither. Wouldn’t it be great though if I could interact really easily with your brand when I saw your ad, wherever i was? If you’re like me you probably won’t want to phone a call-centre straight after seeing an ad, and although I’d like to carry my PC down the road and find out more about the brands I see,i’m deceptively weak and it makes my arms ache.A possible solution? Mobile, obviously! You could try adding a short-code to an ad, a 5 or 6 digit number that people could text (or call) for more information. You could text back with a competition, or a free game to involve me in your brand. http://www.short-codes.com/But how about this for a neat idea? You enable your poster or press ad, so that people take a picture on their phone and text it to 88900 (or email it on my phone if I know how). As a brand you then text me back with relevant content, a link to your site maybe or more info on the ad,its up to you.If you’ve seen the newcampaign for the Fiat’s new city car, the Fiat 500, you might havenoticed the adswere enabled to let consumers take a pic andtext it in. They then receive more info back via a link on a text message to the mobile internet.The campaign is the result of a collaboration between Fiat, Starcom and SnapNow, the mobile visual search service http://www.snapnow.co.uk. I think it’s a really clever idea and enabling ads is only a small part of what the technology could do. It will be interesting to see if Fiat are the first of many to try to find new ways to engage consumers.