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Is the internet throwing a giant sized wedge into the generational divide?

I apologise for the sweeping generalisations in this article because I’m not going to report facts or figures, I just want to voice an opinion based on my observations.

The recent fuss made over Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross’ prank calls highlighted the incredible divide between generations; on one hand some of the older demographic were outraged, while the younger demographic appeared happier to accept an apology and move on. While it’s nothing new for generations to disagree, particularly on what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour, this is one of many examples that makes me think the divide runs deeper now than it did before.

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IAB on Twitter

The IAB has finally made the leap to Twitter: Our account has been set up to give live updates from our annual conference this Wednesday, Engage 2008, but it’s actually so much fun it will keep going in the future. I’ve been reading up on Twitter etiquette at conferences, but any tips please let me know.

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Does our Communities Minister really understand communities?

This is an historic week.

There’s no doubt that Barack Obama’s election as President of the US marks a turning point in American, if not, global politics. His victory is testament to the ‘American Dream’ (Barack’s own words) as well as to the nature of democracy in the US. It has it’s critics, but the American democratic process rather puts our own to shame. Its not helped either by comments such as those of our very own Communities Minister, Hazel Blears. In a speech to the Hansard Society yesterday, Blears blasted political blogs in the UK as written by those with “disdain for the political system and politicians, who see their functions as unearthing scandals, conspiracies and perceived hypocrisy.” Strong stuff.

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Do I love you?

The IAB has just appointed a brand new head of mobile, former Orange head of marketing Jonathan Mew, which is big news forus as the medium attracts more and more industry-wide attention.And whilstit would be very easy for me to wax lyrical about his mobile knowledge and expertise,I thought it may be nice to give upmy allocated blog day (just for one day!) and open it up to the wonderful world ofmobile advertising, straight from the horse’s mouth.

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Who will win the US election?

It’s fairly obvious, but let Google Trends help you out: Obama vs McCain

Is copying a good thing?

Vodafone/Blackberry recently announced the launch of the new Blackberry Storm, which comes out in mid November. Clearly a challenger to the iPhone, this nifty device will also get the support of a download apps store (also kick-started by Apple). As a Blackberry user this excited me more than the fact that it’s not first to market. Being first to market and boasting a ‘media first’ was always a must, but I’m sensing that the industry is now more driven by doing it better/differently than others, rather than doing it first. To stick with Apple for a moment, iTunes has had plenty of challengers, Tesco Digital, the repositioned Napster and of course the eagerly awaited Datz. Even iTunes Genius is uncannily like Last FM or Pandora. Of course if you speak to these players and use the word ‘copy’ I’m sure there would be a very well-crafted response about filling a gap that their competitors don’t fill but I don’t see anything wrong in doing this if you make it work for your brand. The well-documented iPint debate aside, if something is appealing to consumers why not make the most of it, and make it work for yourself as long as credit is given where due (enter Honda cog vs Mr Fischli and Mr Weiss debate).

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Standardising internet advertising. It’s chicken or the egg

Last week the IAB’s Search Council hosted a roundtable event at which Tim
Bradshaw of the FT posed the question to the lead thinkers in the search
industry: would the search market be as big as it is now if Google hadn’t

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