Has it been a vintage year for creativity?

Every year I look forward to a few industry regulars: NMA’s top 100 (sorry BR), Campaign School Report, Campaign Agency of the Year, Campaign A List (largely because online is so poorly represented – why isn’t Guy Phillipson in there?) and of course Marketing Agency of the Year (the advertiser’s magazine of choice). The reason I love the “Tops” is because the preceeding 12 months are spent answering who I think should win it this year. First of all, congratulations to Agency Republic for winning back their crown after a two-year diversion. Being a fan of Gordon’s (the drink and of course their creative director) the site is a beautiful representation of the brand. A nod also to GT, LBi, Dare and Grand Union who all got a mention though I’m amazed Poke aren’t in there somewhere – maybe they didn’t jump through enough hoops.

These accolades are incredibly important and will continue to be so, but this year’s close running says more to me about the distinct lack of great creative this year. And before i end up on the receiving end of a turck-load of abuse, you I’m fully aware of the brilliant work that continues to come out from UK agencies. Just look at our www.creativeshowcase.net to see stuff that really rocks, and will inevitably go on to win at Cannes and D&AD. BUT – can we honestly say there has been a tonne of consistent campaigns from each of the top-flight agencies? I mean each advertiser, each piece of work. If online is to maintain its credibility, more consistent productivity is needed. We need the quality to match the quantity. What’s at the heart of this I’m not sure – agency lethargy, poor client briefs, inadequate budgets, insufficient lead-times, all the great ideas have been done, too much emphasis on social media? I’d love your thoughts .

Incidentally I don’t think this is unique to online. I think it’s been a great year, but not a vintage one.