Un-wired for sound

mobile tvThis week’s Digital Britain interim report outlined the commitment to digital access to everyone, quality content available to all and a digitally literate population. Great news for UK consumers. For me though the most interesting reading in the report was the Government’s recognition that there are a number of ways to deliver digital access, wired, or indeed wireless.

Action 6 of the report has 5 elements which are in summary:

  • Allow mobile operators to re-use their radio spectrum to start the move to next generation mobile services

  • Make more radio spectrum available for next generation mobile services

  • Make the 3G licences indefinite for mobile operators encouraging more investment

  • Let mobile operators share spectrum so they can increase coverage

  • Recognise mobile operators can contribute to universal coverage by pushing out mobile broadband
Mobile has taken several years to fulfil the expectations we had when the industry paid billions of pounds for 3G licences at the beginning of the decade. It wasn’t the immediate success some expected but usage has continued to grow steadily. Significantly, last year we saw mobile internet usage growth accelerate, with a quarter of the population now accessing the mobile internet every month – the marked improvements in handsets, content and pricing all contributing.It’s heartening to see the Government’s realisation of how mobile as a platform can make a real difference to the economy, and another sign that mobile will continue its growth as a media platform and content distribution channel and thus ultimately as an advertising medium.