Editor’s blog: Sadness as Saab reaches the end of road

For reasons of late development, I did. Having kicked off my driving careerin 1984 with a 250 Morris Marina (gorgeous in sun-faded red), worked my way through a Triumph Herald 13/60 convertible (written off by a moonlighting Chinese chauffeur in a Cadillac), made do with a one-litre VW Polo (lean, early 90srecession years) and then completed the century with a Saab 1995 900S, I finally got my new Saab 9/3 in 2001 and still drive it every day.

So it’s with a heavy heart – but not too much surprise – that I hear today that Saab is heading for the scrapheap of history. I knew that my version was just a re-skinned Vauxhall Cavalier but that didn’t matter. Right from the ignition key sitting between the front seats to those weird ads showing Swedish fighter jets, Saabs were a bit different. The problem they had was being quite sure what exactly that ‘difference’ entailed. As a brand it was always a bit of a mystery, lacking any of the certitudes of BMW or Audi. It’s never bothered me, as the thought of being pigeon-holed by my wheels was pretty unattractive.

Now with more offspring on the way I’m being forced to rethink the family’s carsituation. And none too attractive the options look, either. I’m currently trying to kid myself that an ageing 7 series BMW would accommodate two baby seats nicely in the back. My wife is having none of it. There are limits to what a man can take. And, if you ever see me driving around at the helm of a Vauxhall Zafira, you have my permission to shoot me.

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Editor’s blog: Sadness as Saab reaches the end of road

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    Somehow Saab seemed to loose the way! It never seemed able to find the right niche. I have had three 9000 models and loved the hatchback, but Saab decided to follow other makes and develop an estate car. Its convertible is excellent and now good value for money, the best four seater in its range.
    A small manufacturer has to stand out from the crowd; under GM, Saabs became more bland, middle of the road, and too similar to the Opel/Vauxhall competition. They should have trail blazed the Eco car and payed to Swedish strengths of healthy living and planet friensdly ten years ago, and producd the first hybrid. How many hundreds of millions were spent on dream prototype cars never made.
    Of course like Volvo they have good durability
    so are not replaced often by faithful owners like me!