Where are the celebrities?

Iggy Pop

You can use celebrities in marketing campaigns to grab the attention of consumers. This is a basic rule of branding taught at GCSE level upwards and is used all the time on TV, in cinemas, in print, on the radio. Where then, are the celebrities in online advertising?! Ignoring the obvious film and TV campaigns, I can’t recall a single online advert that uses a celebrity to associate with a product or service and certainly not for a standalone online campaign.

Carol VordermanIn the grand scheme of marketing, celebrities are a cost efficient method of grabbing attention and brand association. High quality (not status) celebs come at a price, but a price that can be lower than a high production ad. I wonder if it’s because people don’t think they will get their money’s worth in an online advert. I dearly hope that this is not the case because it would show a big lack of imagination and creativity.

Can anyone point me in the direction of an online only advert/campaign that uses a celebrity? If not, please can someone make one and then point it out to me? Perhaps I’ve just missed them, but given how obsessed I am with celebrity I find it hard to believe.

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