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Some wheeeeeeeeeeere over the Rainbow

So go to and you don’t find a site – no you find a little app that helps you navigate around the social web. Product flavours are covered by Wiki, videos/ads on their YouTube Page, friends on Facebook and chatter via twitter. What’s exciting yet scary is that by simply navigating live social pages you are beholden to consumers to enter into the spirit of it. For example if you use the word “skittles” in your twitter update you will appear on the skittles home page. Some however have used some ‘even fruiter than Skittles’ language but this is largely the minority and disappears from the home pages quite quickly.

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IAB 2.0

At the IAB we enjoy playing around with different methods of spreading the internet advertising love. In the last twelve months or so we’ve set up the following:

  1. This IAB blog

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Editor’s blog: The great British booze problem

I have booze on the brain at the moment, as I’ve just given it up for Lent. One suspects, in this new Age of Austerity, a lot of fellow atheists will be giving things up for Lent this year – spending money, mostly. Anyway, the Scots – showing yet again their conviction that the state knows best – are mulling over banning the sale of ultra-cheap alcohol, by placing a minimum price per unit on booze. Bad news for those retailers who enjoy the footfall caused by hawking 24 cans of lager for 7.

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The best MASH up on the web

Amy Kean sent me a link, I loved it, I did one, I posted it to my Facebook. How great is that.

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