3D ooooooooooo

Sam Mendes was recently asked whether he would be using 3D anytime soon. He replied by saying, “I’ve been doing it for years – it’s called theatre.” Aside from loving the quote and hating him for being married to Kate Winslet it appears that 3D is the way forward.

Bolt, Monsters vs Aliens and soon to be released Avatar the eagerly awaited return to film of Lord Cameron’s 3D versions is going through a renaissance.

Having seen Jaws 3D first time around I’m not surprised it’s taken so long to come back, but it appears that brands are leaping on the bandwagon. Quickly following 3D ads shown during Superbowl is Crest’s “Kiss Me in 3D” which executionally is a massive let down, and very ambitious considering you have to have the glasses to view it online.

Kiss Me 3D

More cooler is the new campaign from Dare for BMW Z4 which although isn’t 3D viewing per se (like Bolt) it does allow you to use your webcam to drive the car in 3D.

Similar technology is being used in the launch of Ford Ka that uses your mobile to view a 3D model of the vehicle from a hidden symbol.

So is 3D hype or is it here to stay?

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    I watched Monsters vs Aliens at the IMAX in 3D and it added so much to the viewing experience that my vote is: stay.

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