Editor’s blog: Recession puts wind in bean sales

There’s a silver lining in the cloud of every recession, and today I read that the downturn has led to a 21.6% increase in baked beans. Celebrations all round at HJ Heinz, not to mention Crosse & Blackwell (depending who won this particular bean war). Beans really are a recessionary barometer, as cheap comfort eating comes back into vogue. If you pour them, steaming, on a slice of toasted, buttered Hovis, you can get right nostalgic.

As usual, however, this isn’t entirely good news. As we all know, the haricot bean once consumed has its complex carbohydrates broken down in the gut, and one of the by-products is methane. And a colleague tells me that methane is several times more potent as an agent of climate change than carbon dioxide. You just can’t find an unalloyed positive story anywhere at the moment, can you?

But this socio-economic/political funk we’re in does lead to acts of total idiocy. The news reaches me today that such is his level of disgust with the UK political system that David Van Day, one time member of Dollar, mobile burger salesman and pantomime villain from ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’, is planning to stand for Parliament. Given a toss-up between him and the poisonous nastiness of The Telegraph’s Simon Heffer (also mulling an election bid), I wouldn’t know where to place my cross. Even dear old Terry Waite, who spent years chained to a Beirut radiator, is threatening to come out of retirement and stand for the House on the Squeaky Clean ticket.

Whichever way you look at it, there will be no shortage of waste gas being emitted over the coming months.

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Editor’s blog: Recession puts wind in bean sales
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    Are we heading the way of America, where Actors (or Singers/other “Celebs”?) and Peanut Magnates will soon be running the country???

    I’m sick of Politicians and of hearing about the current economic climate in the media.

    Lets boycott the British (? – well, are they?) Press./Media until they adopt a less doom and gloom (and sensationalist) approach to everything.

    As for bean consumption giving off gases that add to the global warming problems – surely we are better off since we all stopped burning coal fires in our homes all over the world.

    My solution – ensure Politicians and the Press are fed a “beans only” diet!!! They’ll be indisposed more often – leaving the rest of us to enjoy a more peaceful and upbeat life.