The demise of the US press

There’s been plenty of debate recently about the demise of the regional newspaper in the US. The Observer’s Paul Harris wrote on the subject at the weekend, arguing that Philadelphia is likely to be the first US city to lose all of its daily papers.

I spent last week in Boston where I was stunned to see this headline from the Boston Herald on a news stand (see picture, right). Suprisingly enough Boston is also looking likely to lose all of its daily papers. With high journalistic standards like this, is this really such a surprise?

PS – just to explain – the headline does in fact relate to the Boston Celtics’ defeat at the hands of the Orlando Magic which caused much mourning in the city.

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    The down market Herald could go, but if the New York Times sold the Boston Globe someone would buy it. Worth remembering that the Philly papers in Chapter 11 alongside the likes of LA Times owner Tribune.