The power of mobile

At the IAB we’re always talking about mobile’s ability to influence – ournewly launched Mobile Handbook is a good example of this.

A recent example shows just how powerful the medium can be…

Last Sunday was the final day of the Scottish Premier League. Celtic were playingHearts while Rangers were playing Dundee United. Midway through the first half, a huge roar rang out around Celtic Park as news spread of a goal for Dundee United (see the video below). This was particularly baffling for anyone watching the match in a pub equipped with screens showing both games simultaneously as the rumours of a goal against Rangers were completely unfounded.

So what happened?

It turns out that Rangers supporters are fans of mobile too and that the rumours were the result of something called “Operation Tango”.

According to Rangers supporters’ forums, Operation Tango was a mass texting initiative which saw a group of Rangers supporters texting false information to their Celtic supporting friends. As a result of these text messages, Operation Tango managed to convince nearly 60,000 Celtic fans that they were in pole position to win the league.

Even as a Celtic fan I have to acknowledge that this was a top prank. Let’s just hope they don’t get to repeat it next season…

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