Is this the ultimate display format?

It’s big, it’s bold, it’s comparable to the amount of ‘page’ a print ad takes up and of course it’s as interactive and measurable as any online advert before it. I give you the relatively new billboard (or double MPU… whatever you like to call it):

If it was possible to fall in love with a rectangular animated advert, I would be asking this one to marry me. It takes up almost a third of the page, is available across most large publisher sites and it actually succeeds in making the page look cleaner. For branding, personally I think this is one of the best formats on the market.

You can see the actual size of the ad (300 x 600) below. Your thoughts?

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    interesting to hear it being described as something relatively new – we have been running these as an option for advertisers on since October 08

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    I take back the relatively new :o)

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    wow. a new(ish) size ad. brilliant.

  • I think I prefer these larger format ads. I agree they DO clean up the page. Better than having those little ads which just look messy.
    These are probably more effective as they look more credible

  • I find these new formats horrible and a desperate move to increase effectiveness of display ads – esp. if sb is behind the times and uses CTR as metrics. How about using rich media and better targeting of ads – being more aggressive will probably piss off the users. I do not know the currents stats re UK but in PL for instance 60% of the Net users find ads too aggressive, intrusive and simply the evil they have to cope with

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    Do you really find these aggressive? Personally I find them better to look at on the page. They look cleaner.

    The above images probably aren’t the best demo, it’s better to look at them on the pages themselves.