Hopping Mad

This week Sony Ericsson is combining Twitter, live video, hundreds of Space Hoppers and a massive dose of insanity for their latest campaign by Dare. Above anything this is a hopping great technical feat, so when I received an invite to do a shift monitoring, plucking and testing the Space Hoppers in a secret location my geek alarm went into overdrive.

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Every time someone tweets the hashtag #pumpt a Space Hopper is automatically inflated slightly until it’s full, resulting in #pumpt becoming a trending topic multiple times last week. The Hoppers are monitored around the clock by scientists (or IABeers…) until they’re ready for plucking and testing.

Sony Ericsson’s latest campaign started with a Space Hopper Invasion video ad, followed by Dare creating the first ever online ‘flash mobs’ around the world and now this.

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