New IAB research identifies key trends for mobile

Yesterday we released our latest research project which looks in-depth at the effectiveness of running advertising campaigns across mobile and online.

Working with Nationwide we ran a campaign simultaneously over the mobile operator sites of 3, O2, Orange, T mobile and Vodafone, and the mobile and web portals of MSN and Sky. We worked with research agency Brand Driver to look at the opinions of 900 people, 300 saw just the online ads, 300 just the mobile ads and 300 both.

In summary the results clearly showed that running a campaign across both media produced significantly better results than just using one medium. There were lots of interesting stats but one that stands out to me is when people have seen a mobile ad they were 150% more likely to interact with an online ad. There were other stats to back this up but one media was clearly influencing the other and the impact of the advertising was going beyond what would typically be measured – i.e. click thoughs.

The results also pointed to 3 key trends relating to consumer attitudes and behaviour, which we think marketers should be incorporating into their 2010 communications strategies.

1. Using mobile to build brands and raise awareness. The research emphasises the fact that even in its relative infancy, mobile advertising can be a great brand-builder, raising awareness and prompting consumers to seek information. It also showed adding mobile to online improved the results, spontaneous brand awareness was 50% higher amongst those that saw the online

2. Targeted advertising on mobile phones. The study showed that mobile internet users respond better to advertising that is more relevant to their interests or intentions:

• Those in the purchase window for buying home insurance were 38% more likely to recall the mobile ads.

• In addition, for both media the click-through rate was higher for those who were in the purchase window for home insurance – 6 times more effective in both cases.

• Irrelevance was the top barrier for respondents who did not click on the mobile ad, with some 48% of respondents citing this as the main reason for not clicking through for more information.

3. User experience is critical. Ads on what the user considers to be a ‘quality site’ are significantly more effective. Recognition of the mobile ads was 112% higher for those who enjoyed browsing the mobile site and click-through rates were also 200% higher for those who rated the mobile site as ‘good or very good’.

By working with a real life example we hope we’ve pulled together some genuine insights from an actually campaign. Nationwide are now looking to increase their use of mobile as a marketing channel and it was a pleasure working with a brand that was so open to not only learning for themselves but helping the industry learn at the same time.

We’ll be working with other brands throughout the year to uncover more insights into how mobile is most effective but I hope from this we’ve created some practical insights that brands can use.