Tender frenzy: a return to confidence?

Media agencies have to commit significant resource and out-of-hours working to defending existing business and winning new clients through competitive pitches.

Currently you have to have some sympathy for business teams at sellers of OOH media, it’s tender frenzy.

The outcomes of the drawn-out BAA airports contracts are imminent. I think it likely there will be more vendors selling media in UK airports than previously, with new formats and commercial opportunities being developed.

The result of the tender for Network Rail’s roadside hoardings is also due any day. I suspect this is in reality more a re-alignment of commercial terms between NR and Primesight. Surely there must be change to the magnitude of guarantees in the aftermath of late 2008 and 2009’s dismal overall advertising market. Although to be fair, 2010 has started positively for OOH.

Network Rail has also kicked off their major stations tender. At this stage it’s anyone’s guess as to the shape of the offering. I think media planners and buyers would like an extension of the successful digital 6 sheet (D6) format from London to other major cities. Perhaps we could see some special digital escalator panel style installations, like BAA have installed at Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

I also hear there will soon be an announcement about some roadside digital billboards in Birmingham, with or without Ocean Outdoor’s involvement.

Several digital OOH networks are also known to be considering their options, in content delivery and sales representation.

It’s also interesting to note that JCDecaux have won the contract for bus shelter advertising in Reading. Previously they have been focussed on urban conurbations. The OOH industry is moving towards audience delivery rather than panel rates, with new POSTAR data due. The profile of the Reading area and its proximity to the M4 and blue chip business has become more important.

Hopefully these tenders allow all those involved in OOH the opportunity to take a fresh look at what advertisers and their media agencies want from the media, and, how much they’re willing to pay.

Without renewed confidence in the medium, future growth is in no way guaranteed.

  • Rob Mortimer

    I see the point about not focusing on the goals, but if so much of decision making is subconscious, surely there is value in the conversation and buzz (when used appropriately, and not by anyone who calls themself a guru…)

    As always the value is in the right mix.

  • Grilla Login

    A short sword 2 the social media bubble, Dave. 

  • Dave Trott

    Absolutely agree Rob.
    My only problem is when it’s held up as the be-all and end-all.

  • Chris Wilson

    I just ‘liked’ this post. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • Rob Mortimer

    Oh good. I was worried you were turning into the Ad Contrarian there for a minute!

  • Chris Worsley

    Love it Dave.
    Of course Odysseus had such great vision it took him years to get home but I guess it was the travelling that really counted?

  • Jolaine Thomas

    Hilarious!!! I wish every CEO had to read this before voting on SM strategy planning…..

  • Grilla Login

     Dave, is that an Achilles heel u’ve just exposed?

  • Dave Trott

    Nothing a bit of Ajax won’t clean up.

  • paul c-c

    Very, very clever. Would have been fun to shoot this & see how far it went on Youtube

  • Grilla Login

    … with ‘It’s a Social Media Greek Tragedy’ sung by the Bee Gees as the soundtrack.

  • john woods

    Is this the bit where the memo that goes round has a typo? A clapperboard house gets erected and the joke is on the planners because it doesn’t have any planning permission.

  • Kevin Gordon

    Love the headline.Horse with no soldiers is as much use as a penis with no sperm.Even the world bank know this and they’re not ad med.They gave Greece the deal and got all the islands in the deal.

  • Kevin Gordon

    How about: 
    “Talk about”
    “Pop muzik”

  • Chris Worsley

    Kevin – or in the case of Greece ‘A Horse with No Rein’?