TV election debating doesn’t get tougher than this!

Forget Dimbleby, John Torode and Gregg the Veg
should chair tonight’s debate.

Though Gregg
‘if-I-eat-one-more-potato-I’ll-turn-into-one’ Wallace’s distinctly
over-dramatic turn of phrase grates every time I watch Masterchef, it would be more
than appropriate if he piped up with it come 8.30pm tonight.

Especially if you’re planning on settling down to
the final TV Election Debate with the literal smorgasboard of General Election
foodstuffs on offer.

As if the whole campaign weren’t bad enough for
people’s health – the slanderous jibes and front page headlines, and that’s
just if you’re name happens to be Gillian Duffy – BR has been inundated with a
coronary of delights that would have the Change4Life team choking on its quinoa.

How about an aperitif of crisps, topped with

Tyrrells has its Party Political range of Gordon’s
Gourmet – scotch egg and brown sauce – Cameron’s Crunchies – eton mess – and
Clegg’s Coctail – roasted vegetable and hummus. Clegg really can do no wrong,
can he!

Not to be outdone, Real Crisps has its own red,
yellow and blue range, and a sparkling website to go with them.

Still hungry? What about a Brown, Cameron or Clegg
pizza from Pizza Express. They look vile, but as Gord pointed out, this isn’t
about style over substance.

Dessert time. That’s dessert as in pudding, not
desert as in what Gordon’s supporters are doing in light of bigot-gate.

How about a tub of Gordon Fudge Brownie or
Cheesecake Clegg from Ben & Jerry’s, for which a ‘Moonifesto 2010′ website
has been prepared, or a Fox’s Party Ring.

And to wash it all down, what say a pint, or eight,
if you happen you be out with Willian Hague. Nicholson’s pubs have been running
their own ‘polling stations’ with Fuller’s putting the party into politics.

If the debate doesn’t kill you, the refreshments
just might.

“Three contestants, only one of them can go through.”

Murdoch might not decide this election, maybe John and Gregg should?

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    Man goes into a bar and asks for a pint of Brown. Gets served a pint and is insulted by the bar man.
    Man goes into a bar and asks for a pint of Cameron. Gets a pint and overcharge. “What’s this, it’s twice as expensive as last time” “Tax mate” says the barman.
    Man goes into a bar and asks for a pint of Clegg. “That’s better” he says, “a good honest pint.”
    (Adapt to your own party preference)

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    Other countries have the very same political problems we appear to have here in America. Recently the Britain Prime Minister was caught calling Gillian Duffy, a former council worker, a bigoted woman. The Gordon Brown bigoted comment has began lots of conflict that may result in a hung parliament at their forthcoming elections. Gordon Brown did try to apologize proclaiming he was referring to a comment she made about their immigration issues. Sadly, Gillian Duffy backed Brown, and has now said she no longer supports him anymore; making his competition gain some ground.