There’s an old Jewish joke.
An old man can’t satisfy his beautiful young wife.
So he goes to the Rabbi and asks him what he should do to help her achieve an orgasm.
The Rabbi says he should get a muscular young man.
Then ask him to stand naked by the bed, waving a towel, while they make love.
The next day the old man comes back.
He tells the Rabbi he did what he suggested, but his wife still didn’t have an orgasm.
The Rabbi says he should try it the other way round and see what happens.
So that night, the husband stands by the bed waving a towel.
While the young man makes love to his beautiful young wife.
And the wife has a room-shaking orgasm.
When they’re finished, the old man leans over and whispers in the young man’s ear.
He says, “Hey shmuck: that’s the way you wave a towel.”

For me that’s the same way a lot of advertising confuses what you do with how you do it.
WHAT you say is content.
HOW you say it is brand.
Most advertising doesn’t work because people confuse the how with the what.
Don’t just tell me you’re a comedian.
Tell me a joke.
Make me laugh.

Waving the towel nicely helps.
But, on its own, it’s not enough.

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    Having read all the gubbins on young Master Kay’s site I’m thinking of throwing in the towel.

  • I have never heard that joke, but may well use it myself.

    It’s in the delivery, the tone and how you say it, apparently that accounts for more communication than the content.

    You can “Yes” in so many ways, and perhaps the young wife might say it as “yeeeesssssss!”

  • Calm down dear, its only a commercial

  • Andy

    It’s a Winner!


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    Just testing the email notification.

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    I thought the Rabbi was going to say: “Buy her a Mercedes”.

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    now you’re talking Kev!

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