Channel 5 star demonstrates Wright thinking about Desmond

The impact
that Channel 5 / Five’s new owner Richard Desmond will have on the terrestrial
broadcaster is no mystery to one of its longest-standing talents, Matthew

In an
interview with Associated’s Metro today, the star of 10-year-old show The
Wright Stuff had no qualms about what Desmond’s arrival might mean for him.

“I’m more
than willing to do the show without my shirt on if he thinks that’s going to
attract more viewers, although I doubt it will,” he says.

The former
showbiz hack adds: “I’d expect him to do something like OK! TV. He’s got the
best celebrity connection in publishing, which will help pull in viewers and
increase advertising revenue.”

Channel 5’s office space, located bang in the heart of Covent
Garden, went on the market this week. We’ve been told Desmond is
initially looking to rent not sell the space, but (of course) is open to all offers.

But as
Wright, along with the broadcaster’s remaining staff, prepares to leave the West End for Northern & Shell’s EC3 headquarters, he
also offers some interesting insights into the future of journalism too.

“The way we
consume journalism is changing and no one knows where it’s going to end up.
Newspaper brands act as filters, people trust in the brand to supply
high-quality journalism.

plenty of high-quality journalism online but without those brands there’s no
trust. We’ve got to find a way of paying for journalism but the idea you can do
that by newspapers charging people to access their material online doesn’t seem

“We have to
find a way of providing journalists with a career structure, which I think is
being eroded.”