Magic & Sparkle?

It’s always an interesting time of year for TV ads. Advertisers pull out the stops and dedicate a large proportion of budget to claim their share of the nation’s Christmas.

Am I the only one to be underwhelmed by the M&S offering?

The company isn’t slow to display the clothes it’s selling this Christmas, ably shown off by the familiar M&S models. True, M&S has picked up on the burgeoning popularity of the stand up comedy circuit and has incorporated a witty dance routine by said models and Peter Kay – probably the most popular comedian if you can’t get Michael McIntyre. The music is good, very good. However the ad wanes after repetition. Online you get extra interest where you can watch individual interviews and behind the scenes footage. But, at a time when I’m most responsive to good cheer, I still have to ask – where is the magic the season demands?

Actually I can tell you where I think you’ll find it.

Just tune in to the Littlewoods ad.

A company that exists only online has created a mysterious and magical world where all the action takes place in a snow globe. You won’t find it on its main site, however. You’ll need to go to its blog, and unlike M&S, there are no extras.

  • Pot Noodle ad. Best Xmas spot of the year by a country mile…

  • MN

    Well, there’s 2 minutes I’ll never get back

  • Down Low

    This article is case in point why the general public (and clients) believe that people who work in ad agencies are retarded…. good job, good effort Ray!