Beatles For Sale

I love The Beatles. I really, really do. And it’s not simply because of their glorious music. It’s all the other stuff too. To me they exist in a visual way through film, animation and print. But crucially through the groundbreaking album sleeves that parallel the sublime tracks within. The tangible artifact that accompanies the intangible experience.

So after 30 years of ‘Sue Me Sue You Blues’, The Beatles are finally on Apple. As I write the Fabs occupy nine places on the iTunes top 10 rock chart [well done Mr. Blunt for being in such exalted company]

Apple have done them proud. The site is clean and stylishly minimal. But the thing I find interesting is not that the ‘experience’ of owning an album has been replaced by a download [I’m still in mourning], it’s that these digital albums cost more than the physical copies. The ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ albums retail at £17.99 each and you’ll have to shell out £125 to own a digital box set. Why a ‘box’ to house the collected works any way? Why not a digital Semolina Pilchard?

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    Even with the addeed exposure I still don’t think they’ll ever be big.

    Not round my manor anyway.

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    I loathe the Beatles and knew that their appearance in the iTunes canon would be very bad news for me, since they’ve been playing them non-stop for the past three days.Grrrrr!