Wow! New Aviva TV ad tackles the unmentionable.

Seen the new Aviva Life Insurance TV
ad? The umpteenth outing for Paul Whitehouse? Wow! After a succession of
cringe-worthy ‘comedic’ turns, they’ve pulled it out the bag. Whitehouse’s
character is his most restrained so far – an everyman father talking about his
family’s financial security; while they’re packing to go on holiday. He spends a
moment detailing the various costs they face, but at the end of the ad it’s
revealed that he’s no longer alive – just keeping a watchful eye over his loved
ones. It left me with chill because it was so unexpected. There I was, getting
ready to sneer again, when I’m hit by a bucket load of pathos. It left me a
little shaken. It’s been a while since an ad has done that. Does this mark a sea
change in life insurance advertising? Have we finally moved away from ‘imagine
if the unthinkable happened to you’? Is the great British public finally ready
for the D word? I know it’s not the first time the subject has been tackled, but
apparently this one stems directly from research. Folk said that an emotional
kick up the proverbials would be the only thing to prompt them to buy life

This could be the game

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    By the way, here’s a link if you haven’t seen it yet:

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    Left me feeling inexplicably angry.

  • Paul Whitehouse must have turned down 1,001 opportunities to promote ‘dry’ brands but why did he agree to the Aviva ones?
    i) He’s skint? Unlikely… ii) he got to write the scenarios so he knew what he was getting into…possibly iii) he sat at home, saw all his peers doing ad cameos and voiceovers and thought, hey, £500k for messing about in character, why not…

    I agree the life assurance one is the most effective, and provides extra impact because the other jokier executions came first, but I wish he’d avoided it altogether….I mean, whatever next….Ewan McGregor selling his soul for male perfume….? PS I wonder when was the last time Lenny Henry checked into a Premier Inn…..