When outdoor and online ads collide

I’ve been fascinated by the way online and outdoor digital display ads have gradually grown so similar to each other. While it’s important to create specifically for a medium’s unique strengths, if you’re creating a video or animation for digital outdoor ads, it makes sense to think about using it for online ads too – if you aren’t already. You’ll get even more mileage out of your creative asset.

Online ads and outdoor digital ads are both brand building media that can show animation and video. Both have a similar window of opportunity to gain consumer attention as people walk past or browse the web. Planning digital outdoor and online ads together improves consistency and has positive implications for reach and frequency.

I’d suggest that the video / animation would also make for a far more interesting iPad magazine ad than the static print replicas we’ve seen in some so far (albeit with a little chopping to fit the different aspect ratio). Of course, you can – and will no doubt want – to layer additional functionality over the top, like prompts to interact and additional content.

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    A useful aid to thinking of ads as ‘assets’ with many uses. One of our digital people said he thinks of Facebook as a form of out-of-home.

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    That’s interesting, I can see where he’s coming from. Which makes me realise I should have included in-game advertising within this!