Move over Facebook, here comes Geekbook!

Actually, it’s called Quora – and
it’ll give you direct access to the next Steve Jobs and Bill

Got a question about your brave new
e-start-up? Post it on Quora and Silicon
Valley’s great and glorious will fall over themselves to give you
the answer. In fact, that’s what makes it so special – the calibre of people
involved. It’s built by two ex-Facebook engineers and populated by the Valley’s
hottest talent.

It’s much more dynamic than
LinkedIn too – because people are demonstrating their abilities in real-time.
Let’s say Bob DiMaggio has just asked whether machine learning will overtake
heuristic/rule-based approaches in entity tagging/recognition and information
extraction.You can provide the answer and in doing so have the chance to work
for him.

It’s already showing the first signs
of going mainstream – which might, ironically, bring about its downfall. The
questions are becoming sillier and the members are increasingly low rent. Even
the Hollywood Twitterati are getting in on the act. But who knows, perhaps
Charlie Sheen might be able to suggest the best way to document and present a
WSDL/SOAP solution to a potential integration

  • Chris Worsley

    Funnily enough I am just reading the account as well Dave, we must check reading lists sometime! Either that or stop watching the Hitler channel. This is a prime example of someone who ‘acts’ rather than relies on instruction (aka ‘covers their arse first’).

    People who go against the rules tend to get things done and are not afraid of failure. The Bocage had a series of country lanes with dense thicket hedges that the Germans successfully utilised as highly effective trenches and slowed the advance right down. No doubt Schneider states they should have had a series of meetings to assess their effectiveness as trenches first? He would be a firm proponent of Customer Research today.

  • Dave Trott

    Exactly Chris,
    What the Americans call a Monday morning quarterback.

  • Chris Worsley

    You should look at a couple of football sites if you want to see plenty of people who ‘know better’ Dave. Post match managers, and I am guilty as charged there.

    I even think I know which footballer and which manager you mean, but then I would wouldn’t I? Sorry, but I have to ask – is it Sandro and Harry Redknapp?

  • Dave Trott

    I don’t think it was as recent as that Chris.
    I remember it from ages ago,
    I’m sure it’s still going on though.

  • Jeff Kwiatek

    I think there is another lesson in this story that relates to current events.
    There is something I have heard time and again while listening to the people talk about Occupy Wall Street. American corporations are corrupt. The Government isn’t doing it’s job. People are struggling. But the one that sticks out is this:

     “I did everything that I was supposed to, and now I have nothing.”

    Seems to me that the lesson from you post is that maybe the what we should do is the exact opposite of what we’re supposed to do. Or, as Hegarty says, “When the world zigs, zag.”

  • Dave Trott

    I think can all identify with that quote, at sometime or other we’ve all felt like that.
    IMHO it’s about existentialism and responsibilty.
    Summed up for me by the quote “The weak man believes in luck, the strong man believes in cause and effect.”

  • Chris Worsley

    Dave – in that case then it must qualify as a universal truism.

  • Grilla Login

    Dave – Sirallen would say, “Wittman, you’re hired… because you fired.”