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TV election debating doesn’t get tougher than this!

Forget Dimbleby, John Torode and Gregg the Veg
should chair tonight’s debate.

Though Gregg
‘if-I-eat-one-more-potato-I’ll-turn-into-one’ Wallace’s distinctly
over-dramatic turn of phrase grates every time I watch Masterchef, it would be more
than appropriate if he piped up with it come 8.30pm tonight.

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If Parliament hangs, so will the ad men

The next 6-8 weeks could provide the closest run election in more than a decade. If that wasn’t tantalising enough, yesterday’s announcement that the Tories had turned to their old sparring partner M&C Saatchi and pitched them against Labour’s incumbent Saatchi & Saatchi brings adland’s interest sharply into focus, adding an intriguing sideshow to the fun and games ahead.

Not that we needed an extra reason to be interested. From TV and radio, to outdoor, digital and DM, the unending stream of sloganeering, positioning, repositioning and, with a bit luck, attack-dog marketing is the kind of thing that can’t help but get the blood flowing, red, blue or otherwise.

It would be nice to think policy and ideology will ultimately decide the result, but whether it’s a ‘will the last person to leave Britain please turn out the lights’ Sun front page, a ‘Labour isn’t working’ billboard or a misplaced aside caught on camera and immortalised on YouTube, rightly or wrongly, advertising, marketing, media and PR will help shape whether we ‘vote for change’, have ‘a future fair for all’, or, choose, deep breath, ‘change that works for you – building a fairer Britain’.

Which is where this blog comes in. We’ve lined up contributors from all the main parties to help explain the strategies and creative work they hope will deliver the votes required alongside industry experts and our own correspondents to pass comment on whether the job they’re doing is hitting the mark.

We’ll be featuring the campaigns as they happen and debating the effectiveness of key moments – please add your comments and ignite the conversation.

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Rich Sutcliffe

Editor, Brand Republic

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