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Big money in social media- quite literally!

If the buzz across the social sphere is to be believed, Facebook and Google executives have entered initial acquisition talks with Twitter, estimating the value of the microblogging site upwards of £10 billion. Combine this with LinkedIn’s recent IPO announcement and we have proof beyond Facebook that there is big money in social media – quite literally.

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Murdoch, I-Level and… Claudine dominate media in 2010

Vince Cable pictured in The Independent

In terms of
commercial media, 2010 was always going to be dominated by one man and one
company: Rupert Murdoch, News Corporation.

From the
outset we expected paywalls and bundled content offerings (Alesia) to be the
order of the day, but no one could have foreseen just where we find ourselves

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Do advertisers want to be in Times paywall club?

Hollywood’s take on the relentless rise of Facebook in The Social
Network is set to pass a milestone of its own this week, when UK box office
takings top £10 million.

It’s still got some way to go to push 2009 blockbuster Avatar (£90m), but
double-digit millions is good going for any film in little old Blighty.

Fiction or not, the fact that David Fincher’s simple and rather contrived plot
makes a plausible story says something about the value people place – or at
least imagine others place – on being seen to be in the right club.
The desire to be part of the right crowd is presented as the driving force
behind Facebook’s real-life founder Mark Zuckerberg, and it got me thinking
about News International’s paywall experiment.

It’s been less than three weeks since News
International offered the first hint as to the impact its online subscription
strategy is having on sites for the Times and Sunday Times
, and plenty of
questions remain.

Understandably there’s been frustration at the lack of transparency regarding
the actual number of paying subscribers.

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GroupM to forecast 4% lift in UK ad spend for 2011

Crystal Ball
It’s coming
to that time of the year again when crystal balls are dusted off and the
world’s media powerhouses pool their internal insights to give us their best
predictions for the coming year.

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WAN’s Balding exits as newspapers embrace digital future

So goodbye
then Timothy Balding, the venerable leader of the international press body WAN,
who leaves his industry advocate role after 25 years.

Based in Paris, the leader of the World
Association of Newspapers was a well-respected figure and admired ambassador
for newspapers, but in recent years his stance on the impact of digital upon
newspapers had placed him at odds with many commentators, myself included.

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Conversation not Broadcast

In the first digital generation, marketing employed a system which favoured interruption and direct sale. Brands would force their stories onto unsuspecting spectators, purchasing online real estate in mass and appearing, without warning,….and it worked!


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Are you Facebook’s ‘Billy No Mates?’

Who are your
friends on Facebook? Probably a weird old mish-mash of Aunt Renee, Bob from accounts
and that woman you met on a drunken bus ride back from Fife.
In fact, you’re probably so popular that you’ve got upwards of a
hundred mates.

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Is UK restructure a backwards step for Carat?

Horler and de Groose, happily united?

So Rob
Horler is no longer managing director of Carat, but then neither, yet again, is
deputy MD Steve Hobbs, what to make of it all?

A restructure
in the UK, announced at the
start of the month
, catapults long-time consultant Tracy de Groose into Carat’s
hot seat, while Hobbs
becomes director of media operations for Aegis Media.

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Simplicity a must for technology driven Outdoor media

I stupidly forgot to set Sky+ to record the final episode of Ashes to Ashes last Friday. This wouldn’t normally be a problem but my wife loves the show, must be something to do with Gene Hunt being such a real man, and she was out for the evening. I was playing a PC game with my youngest and didn’t notice the time until seventeen minutes into the drama. With no repeat on another channel scheduled soon, I would be in the sh*te with me’ Julie.

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Now that’s what I call Outdoor

Last year a good friend of mine who is an academic told me I needed to read a book called Culture and Prosperity by John Kay, a leading economist and FT columnist. Subtitled “Why some nations are rich but most remain poor”, Kay explores why market economies outperform socialist or centrally directed markets, “an important contribution to the post-1990’s reassessment of capitalism” penned one critic.

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