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When brands become broadcasters

Debenhams TV

On 10th January, Britney Spears’ latest single, Hold It Against Me, premiered on iTunes and other online mp3 shops to buy before it was played anywhere. Interestingly, Britney’s single instantly went to number one in the US without any prior airing on radio or online. It was the brand, hype and immediate praise on social media that sent it to the top.

This is one example of a growing trend where brands understand how online turns them into extremely capable broadcasters in their own right, able to significantly build brand themselves alongside paid-for activity.

Using your online presence for brand building broadcast

Britney Spears and retailer Debenhams share one thing in common: they both have a massive audience already. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people visit both of these brands’ sites, sign-up to email newsletters and engage with their social network presence each month. In reality, brands have always been broadcasters because of newsletters and websites, even using high street window displays. However, the last 12 months have seen brands turn a corner because of social media and online video use.

An online presence will rarely exist in isolation from other media and paid-for advertising, but what Britney Spears has learnt is that by placing online at the centre of an integrated marketing campaign, it’s possible to use your own audience for brand marketing. Clearly Debenhams understands this too. It recently invested in a vast amount of video content for its website (using AdjustYourSet), which can also be found on its Facebook page.

“Today is a showcase to the industry to demonstrate that Ben De Lisi [range of products] isn’t about restraint, restraint, restraint”, says De Lisi in one of the recent Debenhams videos. This is clear brand building activity on Debenhams’ own website, and one that well produced online video is brilliant at delivering. Even SME’s are using it, like 5 Minute Angels – an in-office massage company – who’ve experienced an increase in sales enquiries since adding a brand building video to their site.

Can your brand become a better broadcaster?

Online offers a suite of marketing tools, and a brand’s own online presence is one of them. In 2011, due to the growing use of social media and online video, we’re witnessing an adjustment of use of the brand online presence.

As a result, brands like Whiskas, Marks & Spencer and Lady Gaga have successfully turned their own online presence into a broadcast channel. Yours can too, but to act like a broadcaster you also have to think like one.

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Revelation that online video brand recall is higher at work

Online video brand recall at work and homeNew IAB and Sky Video Ad Effectiveness research reveals that brand recall is higher at work (44%) than at home (39%), which suggests an incredible new opportunity for reaching consumers with brand messaging at their most receptive: in the work-place.

Consumer mindset and the importance of content quality and type

The research, conducted by agency Decipher, states the reason for this uplift in recall is due to differing mindsets. At work, people are highly focussed on the task at hand because they have limited time to visit an online video and watch what they have selected. While at home, people are more relaxed, have more time to browse around and there are more distractions.

Consumer receptivity to online video advertising depending on frame-of-mind is incredibly important, directly affecting campaign success. Viewers are 10% more likely to recall an ad if they enjoyed the content, highlighting the importance of advertising around quality, relevant content.

Type of content also matters, recall was higher around news, entertainment, sport, music, TV preview or movie trailers and then user generated clips respectively. Actively searching for an ad also aids recall, with referrals from friends delivering best (53%), actively looking for the clip second (48%) and just browsing last (39%).

At least 84% of the UK internet audience watches online video each month according to comScore and this study fits nicely into the picture as further evidence of the channel’s strengths. Evidently some advertisers already see this with investment in advertising around video content growing by 82% in the first half of this year, the fifth successive half-yearly increase (IAB / PwC AdSpend H1 2010).

What should advertisers do?

Advertisers should be capitalising on the reach online video offers now, paying particular attention to the work-place. Online video is uniquely positioned to deliver TV-like brand messaging in an environment where people are most receptive. Existing TV ad creative works in this environment as long as it is relevant to the viewer, and placement around highly sought-after or shared quality clips can deliver higher than average results.

Work-place, relevant placement and quality is a killer combination for online video brand campaigns and advertisers should begin planning this premium ad inventory into their schedules. Of course, with online targeting, you can do all of this with minimal waste too, as you target the exact demographic audience you need. This is another example of how you can use the portfolio of internet advertising tools to build brand.

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Diversity of advertiser solutions means online offers something for everyone

Online advertising in the UK continues to grow, this time to just under £2 billion for the first half of 2010. Exciting, but this growth isn’t the real story. The most interesting thing is that the latest IAB / PwC figures show that digital advertising offers the advertiser a really broad range of advertising solutions – meaning that it can accommodate the needs and objectives of any marketing campaign – from direct response to brand building.

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The World Cup – a game of two devices (at least)

How did you watch the World Cup? If it was a big evening game then it was probably on telly, but as Ofcom confirmed yesterday you were probably using another device at the time – most likely your mobile or laptop. If you were keeping up with a lunchtime or afternoon game, especially at work, then there’s also a good chance that you enjoyed the World Cup online or on your mobile.

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Online video content a top priority

If there’s one obvious trend across the web, it’s the move to premium video content bymost major publishers, often those with a traditionally static offering.For instance, News of the World hasannounced it will be moving behind a paywall with exclusive video content as its biggest draw (source, NMA).

News of the World joins revamped sites like BBC News, AOL, CBS, IGN, Microsoft and many, many more that are forcing their video content to the forefront of their offerings – no doubt driven by the huge demand from their users.

One look across the homepages of these sites and you’ll find video content immediately, now in many cases with “top 10” most watched videos alongside most read articles.

Over the next 6 months I predict that you will start to hear far more announcements from major publishers about video content becoming a top priority for them. For brands, this is fantastic news because there are far more places to run your pre-roll ads against high quality content.

In the US, video advertising is booming with 3.6 billion online video ads watched in July this year, reaching almost half of the US population. Back in the UK and we’re in the midst of the start of our very own online video boom that’s only going to get louder.

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VAST will unlock online video potential

Today the IAB Video Council announced full support of the new standard video ad serving template (VAST 2.0). VAST 2.0 allows third party ad servers to easily connect to publisher video players in a similar way to online display ads. This is a huge step forward for the growth of online video with near unanimous backing from the entire UK video industry, all of whom are members of the IAB Video Council.

In a nutshell it will allow advertisers to use one of these:

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2010 Watch: Internet on TVs

I know slate devices like the HP/Microsoft Slate and the Apple iPad will be huge this year (I certainly want one) and the Google Nexus is a nice addition to smartphones but they represent just another screen to add to this list:

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A is for Advergame; B is for Banner…

Children today are growing up in a digital society. They will never know what it was like living in a world without the internet or mobile devices. They are digital savvy and their distinction between offline and online worlds increasingly blurs by the day. But being media savvy is not the same as being media literate.

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Digital creativity dead?

Of course it’s not, but the digital creative industry can be as quiet as a corpse sometimes. This year I’ve seen absolutely blinding digital creativity in web design, interactive rich media, even in the copy used for search ads. Actual creative genius resides in digital – but sometimes, digital creatives can be so polite amidst the marketing rabble!

The IAB has Creative Showcase, which highlights the best of the best and there’s Creative Review, which is ace. Plus I’m sure creative agencies highlight their best creative to clients and internally, but if we’re to continue proving this medium I honestly believe digital creatives need to become collective uber show-offs of the highest order. And there doesn’t always need to be an award at the end of it.

Print, outdoor and TV ads sometimes end up in art galleries. Why not digital? Some digital creativity is beautiful! A stunning, interactive work of art. There are barely any digital creative blogs/sites either, yet campaigns are going live daily. Digital’s very nature makes it mass broadcast but on a personal level – so while it’s hitting the mark with its target consumers, it needs that extra push in the marketing industry to get it noticed. Here’s my push of a simple, but beautiful and clearly messaged pre-roll ad for the RAF edited specifically for online and run across WebTVEnterprise’s network. Click on the image to watch it:

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5 Killer Online Video Stats

Massive, HD video is now a reality

Over the last two years I’ve been lucky to head up the IAB Video Council and while there’s always been a buzz around online video it’s never been greater than now. There may be some teething problems to overcome in this new channel – such as increasing research – but every single senior marketer I’ve spoken to about it (and there have been hundreds) see its huge potential and want to use it. I predict – and I checked that it’s therefore ok to say that the IAB is predicting – that 2010 will be the year that online video makes its mark on the advertising world. Here are five stats to help convince you:

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