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Move over Facebook, here comes Geekbook!

Actually, it’s called Quora – and
it’ll give you direct access to the next Steve Jobs and Bill

Got a question about your brave new
e-start-up? Post it on Quora and Silicon
Valley’s great and glorious will fall over themselves to give you
the answer. In fact, that’s what makes it so special – the calibre of people
involved. It’s built by two ex-Facebook engineers and populated by the Valley’s
hottest talent.

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“Mobile advertising really sucks!”

So proclaimed Apple CEO Steve Jobs last week. It’s obviously a sideswipe at his old chums Google, but also heralds the launch of ‘iAd’ – his next ‘revolution in waiting’. What is iAd? In essence, it’s a brand new mobile advertising system – the point of difference being that, if someone clicks on an ad within a free iPhone app, they’ll no longer get transported off somewhere else. Instead, the ads simply stay within the app. Financially speaking, developers get to keep 60% of the ad revenues and Apple gets the other 40.

The real opportunity for us advertising folk is in the richness of the potential content. Jobs talks of highly interactive video content – all within the app itself. In fact, his ultimate objective is not just to deliver interaction, but emotion too. Bring it on I say! Also, in terms of reach, we can’t ignore the marketdomination of the iPhone
at the moment. There are millions upon millions and, if the iPad catches on, there’ll be even more opportunities.

Done right, the possibilities are endless. Mobile advertising will finally come of age and realise its potential. However, just like any other medium, a campaign’s success will depend on whether it genuinely engages with the recipient. I can already see the future – media-rich but dull-as-ditch-water ads by financial titans… living forever in my iPhone. In the wrong hands, interactivity and video can simply serve to prolong one’s agony and become an excuse for being uncreative! Mr Jobs has thrown down the gauntlet, let’s use it wisely.

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