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Big money in social media- quite literally!

If the buzz across the social sphere is to be believed, Facebook and Google executives have entered initial acquisition talks with Twitter, estimating the value of the microblogging site upwards of £10 billion. Combine this with LinkedIn’s recent IPO announcement and we have proof beyond Facebook that there is big money in social media – quite literally.

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Conversation not Broadcast

In the first digital generation, marketing employed a system which favoured interruption and direct sale. Brands would force their stories onto unsuspecting spectators, purchasing online real estate in mass and appearing, without warning,….and it worked!


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Webster’s Millions

It’s official, at around 10.22 today, ‘Web 2.0’ will become the millionth English word or phrase to enter the language! No longer just a whispered refrain for us digital types… it has, apparently, crossed over into common usage. What does it all mean though? Well, probably nothing. For a start, many linguists claim that we hit the million mark eons ago. English is, after all, top of the hit parade for words – with at least double that of any other language. Of course, half of those date back to when it became the language of science. It’s also exceedingly popular and resilient. A point that some put down to the fact that it’s the easiest language to speak badly! However, the good news is that ‘Web 2.0’ is now well and truly centre stage – after so many years languishing as a matter of conjecture. But can the debate be finally laid to rest – that it does, indeed, refer to a next generation for the Internet not just ‘Web 1.0’ with slightly fancier clothes on?

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